Chelsea Rubbish & Recycling Schedule: because no-one likes looking at rubbish

Instructions: the image below tells you what you need to do with your rubbish in real-time. That's it! No input required. As you were. Carry on with your day.

AKA presentation rules to avoid fines
  • Regular household rubbish: black or white bags
  • Recycling plastic, glass, cardboard: clear or blue bags
  • Cardboard can be collected as follows *
    • collapsed boxes neatly stacked inside a cardboard box (meta!)
    • collapsed boxes tied together with string
    • collapsed boxes in the regulation blue or clear plastic bag
      When placing all of the above on the sidewalk, position as follows*
    1. On the left: cardboard
    2. In the middle: normal rubbish, black & white bags
    3. On the right: glass & plastic, clear & blue bags
    * I know, I know. It's very particular.

    This web app is designed to provide an instant summary of the recycling and trash status for the Chelsea & Clinton areas of Manhattan, based on the existing schedule but also factoring in data from the city's 311 API, which automatically updates on page load.
    The theory is that by checking this residents can know instantly what is happening and we can minimise the piles of rubbish that build up when schedules change, due to bad weather, or the apocalypse.